Wow. Three years online.

That's mindblowing.

When I first began this working on this site, in the February of 2002, I had no idea that it would be as large as it turned out to be. When I launched it in the October of the same year, I still had no idea it would become as large as it is now. I was still an adolescent, coming out of the worst breakup of my life, and more than slightly unsure of what I was doing. This shrine was a much-needed distraction.

Now, I'm leaving adolescence behind me, still not sure of what I'm doing, and this site has become a labour of great love -- but one thing hasn't changed: I still love this site, and I still adore Arwen Undůmiel. I still hope that, through Angel Descended, I can create new fans of the elven princess, and perhaps bring a smile to the faces of those who already love her.

It's been difficult at times; not sure whether it was really worth the effort, whether my skills as a webmistress (both design-wise and in interacting with the fandom) have been up to par. But I'm still updating, still finding new things to add, new reasons to love working on this site.

I'm filled with both pride and gratitude, looking back -- proud of myself for keeping working on this site, my absolute opus, and grateful for the support I've gotten along the way. Special thanks, of course, goes to Mary and RosieSamFrodo.Com for hosting this endeavour of mine; heaven knows whether it would even be around today if it couldn't have called RSF its home.

And, of course, thanks to the many contributors and visitors who made AD what it is today. HantalŽ tenoio.

~ Kirryn

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