Pick a flower!
white rose
Madonna lily
evening primrose
stargazer lily

Pick your preferred precious stone.
sapphire, aquamarine, or blue topaz.
diamond or opal.
pearl or yellow topaz.
rose quartz, peridot, or amethyst.
ruby, garnet, or emerald.

Choose the element you feel most embodies you.

Your brother wanders past you and yanks on your hair. You respond by:
giving him a smile. He'll keep.
turning around and giving him a mouthful!
turning around and thumping him one!
you don't respond, as you slipped out of his way before he could touch you.
glaring at him, and telling your parents.

____ is something worth keeping going for:
a life with meaning.
inner peace.

You're heading out on the town. Your footwear consists of:
elegant ankle boots.
white, strappy sandals with a high heel.
strappy sandals without a high heel.
pretty black flats.
barefoot, if I could!

Pick the lyric that you can best relate to:
"If every man is true, should I believe the sky above is Carribean blue?"
"If this is heaven, I'm falling -- I'd rather jump and run away than see it burn."
"And when I go there, I go there with you -- it's all I can do."
"I've been waiting all this time to be something I can't define."
"And if I die today, I'll be the happy phantom!"

I love them to bits and pieces! I want a large family.
My life is complete without having to have children.
Mewling, puking, squalling...I probably wouldn't be able to put up with one of my own.
One, perhaps two. It depends. Ask me again in a few years.
I'd love to have a child of my own, some day.

Funny creatures!
No better or worse than women.
I feel the need to be protected by a man.
I am on equal footing with my male partner.
I am on equal footing with any male.

I am closest to my mother.
I am closest to my father.
I love them, but I'm independant of them.
I'm close to those nearest to me.
I'm close to everyone, extended or no!