yuquain yéni ar nótarië...

...twenty years online.


When I mentioned aiming for 'another ten' on the 10 year anniversary page, I was largely being platitudinous, admittedly, but here we are. I'm so glad we are here, honestly. We as a wider fandom have seen (and will continue to see!) posthumous release after posthumous release, the Hobbit trilogy gracing the silver screen, and the release of a stunningly beautiful and lovingly crafted television series; while Evenstar itself has seen a name change, its own dedicated domain, many a new layout, and even the return of the original sparkly cursor!

I can only express my gratitude once again, and am grateful I can do so yet again! Firstly, and as always, to Professor John Ronald Reuel Tolkien, for gifting the world with the wonder of Arda, and the beautiful soul of Arwen, and for creating a universe and a character that, to me, are echoes of my true heart's home. To the masterful Sir Peter Jackson and to Liv Tyler, for breathing life into a long-beloved character.

Massive thanks always will go to Mary and her belated website RosieSamFrodo.Com, which Evenstar (then Angel Descended) was very honoured to call home for five lovely (if not outright formative) years. Thank you to all our amazing affiliates who have come and gone over the years; may you all be as happy as possible and successful in all your current endeavours.

Eternal love and gratitude to Blynk, E (melinyet, tyenya; nál anamelda na ar ilyan tennoio), Buffy (osellënya, lombanya...), my Wolf, Fluff, Vexy, Ally, and everyone else who has been along on this ride. Samil ilmelmënya.

Last but absolutely not least, thank you so very, very much to everyone who has visited Evenstar over the years, to everyone who has contributed in any way to the website, to those who have linked to it, given it awards, and supported it. Your light is as steady as the Star of Eärendil itself. Hantanyel órenyallo.

And yes...we're going to aim for another ten years, yet! Won't you come along in the journey?

~ Rin

looking back

A small peek at various raiments Evenstar (previously known as Vespera and Angel Descended) has worn over her years online, for amusement's sake!