Evenstar: an Arwen Undomiel fansite

Suilad, mellyn...

gîl síla na lû govaded!

...and welcome to Evenstar, a tribute to one of the most beautiful and selfless characters ever created in literature, Arwen Undómiel of J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings trilogy, and the movies, fan-films, musical, and television series based upon it. Open since October 1st, 2002, Evenstar has now celebrated its twentieth anniversary, and remains a work-in-progress to this day: I have no intentions of archiving or 'completing' this, my very dearest web creation. Here you will find factual information, an enormous gallery, other multimedia, fanworks, and my personal reflections on the Evening Star of elvenkind gathered into one virtual shrine. Please enjoy your stay here!

Last updated 16 April, 2024.

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