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Here is where yours truly babbles on within the defines of canon and sometimes not, about our Undómiel. I've divided the information into sections, so it's easy for you to swallow. Here, for your viewing pleasure, is every aspect of Arwen that I can possibly prod, poke, and unravel.

Canon being the fan-twisted word meaning, for lack of a better term, 'official'. For something to be considered canon in The Lord of the Rings, it needs to have come directly from the pen of JRR Tolkien. The following information about Arwen is how Professor Tolkien envisioned her.

One of the most fascinating facets of Arwen as a character is that while she is not featured overmuch in the plot, she is very much a catalyst for so many other characters' actions and choices. Here I examine her relationships with the foremost of these.

With the advent of Peter Jackson's stunning three adaptions of The Lord of the Rings into the film medium, comes a somewhat different Arwen to those who knew her solely from the books. So, naturally, there are many new aspects of the Lady Undómiel to explore...

And here is where the fangirl gets let loose. The articles below here are (almost) 100% pure opinion, though attempted with a certain amount of objectivity in mind. Chances are there's things here that you disagree with...but I'm always open for debate and discussion on these subjects!

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