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Elrohir and Elladan

big brothers dearest

The twins of Imladris, Arwen's brothers and the firstborn to their parents. Even less is known about the twins than there is known about Celebrían. They were virtually inseparable, fair and gallant, and fantastic warriors to boot. They rescued Celebrían during her fateful attack, and rode with Aragorn upon the Paths of the Dead. Their questing for orcs seems to be a kneejerk reaction to their mother's torture -- they swear no oaths that they would do so, they just simply do. It is deeply inferred by Tolkien that Elladan and Elrohir were to be counted as Men, much like their sister was eventually -- they are never mentioned as 'Elves' within the Red Book, nor are they grouped with Legolas when speaking of elvish matters. They did not depart over the Sea with Elrond when he left, indeed, their eventual fate is never mentioned, simply that they 'delay their choice'. However, we should also note that they are never referred to as Men, either, so indeed the twins of Rivendell are quite the mystery.

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