Evenstar: an Arwen Undomiel fansite


the gift of sound and vision

In this section, you will find every conceivable form of digital multimedia relating to the Evenstar in question. Images, sounds, movie clips, computer goodies, internet shinies, and heaven knows what else. Like the information page, I've divided this page into sections for clarity. Enjoy! (As of January 2022, all media is currently down, but will be returning very soon!)

Vespera's gallery boasts over 450 images (at last count) relating to Arwen - movie screencaptures, promotional images, artwork from recognised Tolkien artists, and a lot more. Click here to access the gallery!

And here is where we deal with all things aural. Lyrics to songs particular to Arwen from the movie and the musical, sound clips from the movies, and song samples from the movie and musical soundtracks. If it's audible and it's Arwen, you'll find it here!

Here you can take a peek at Arwen as she was on the movie screens, and check out the trailers to said films for nostalgia's sake.

In this section is a plethora of edited tidbits for you to nibble at: goodies for prettying up your computer and your own websites.

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