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Updates for 2002

past changes and additions

December 31st, 2002 - - - two new members added to the True Stars clique ^^

December 25th, 2002 - - - the multimedia section has been remodeled so it's easier on smaller resolutions, and fanworks have been updated.

December 22nd, 2002 - - - I apologize for the lack of updates. Again. The links page has been totally redesigned.

November 22nd, 2002 - - - good Eru, it's been a very long time between updates. I apologize for that, the last month has been terribly rough. Terribly. Anyway, new pictures in the gallery, joined some fanlist things, and expect new sounds in the multimedia section tomorrow!

October 27th, 2002 - - - updated the image gallery! Yes, I know it's pathetic. Begone :P

October 7th, 2002 - - - hrm. Messed about with the links, added a tidbit of info to "name", updated images (Yay! TTT trailer! Eeeee!), and added linking banners...just 'cause I like making them. I be retard, yes! Also, you may have noticed, I'm hosted! Eeeeee! At RosieSamFrodo.com, no less. Worship Mary, for she is luffly, I says!

October 1st, 2002 - - - Hooray! AD is up up UP!

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