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2021 Updates

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30 December - - - on Boxing Day (the 20th anniversary of the release of "The Fellowship of the Ring" in my country! ) I bought a domain which I intend to move Vespera to in the New Year. This will be the beginning of the rebirth of the site, and I can't wait to share the journey with everyone! The current domain, undomiel.org, and its subdomain pointing to Echo of Lúthien will function as forwarders to the new domain indefinitely, so don't panic about link changes immediately. Hannon le, mellon-nin, a garo idhrinn eden veren -- thank you, everyone, and have a lovely new year! ♥

20 December - - - ...well. It's been a very, very unproductive year, full of unhappy happenings that came out of nowhere, so it's no surprise that Vespera was delegated to the backburner, despite my best intentions and efforts. I'm hoping to rectify this starting now, not just in the new year -- Vespera turns TWENTY in October of '22, so I would really, really like to get the shrine back to an active state. I truly apologise for the dearth of updates.

10 January - - - a now very belated happy new year! I've done some mild housework around the site, and added it as a part of the Bright Heroines Network! I am behind schedule on my updates for the site, seeing as December was a much tougher month than I expected it to be, but with a little luck, I'll catch up soon! Look forward to it!

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