Evenstar: an Arwen Undomiel fansite


(semi-)frequently asked questions

May I link to your site?
You absolutely may! Evenstar is link-free, meaning you do not need my permission to link to it in any form. :)

Would you care to affiliate with my site?
Yes, absolutely!

Can I contribute some art/a fic I wrote?
You're more than welcome to! Send your work to evenstar AT gmail dot com.

Can I send you a linking button/banner etc for your site?
Again, absolutely! Such contributions are always treasured. ♥

Wasn't this site formerly known as Angel Descended/Vespera? Why the name change?
Yes, it was. But I realised that Angel Descended was a fairly...well, weak and off-topic name for an Arwen fansite. (It would work for Melian, perhaps, but not Arwen!) The suggestion to name it 'Angel Descended' came from my now VERY ex-fiancée in 2002, shortly before the site was born onto the web, and at the time, I loved it...but hey...we all do silly things when we're in love, no? ^_~ I used the name 'Vespera' from 2006 to 2021, a word which means 'evening' in Latin. I decided on 'Evenstar' for 2022 and onwards, because I feel it's more accurate linguistically (after all, there is no Latin in Middle-earth!), and because there are no Arwen fansites that I know of which use the name anymore. (Let's just conveniently ignore the fact that there are no Arwen shrines anywhere else on the web, any longer....;.; Alas for my sleeping fandom...)

Why don't you update more?
Because real life occasionally got in the way of things. I have been unjustifiably lax in my upkeep of this site over recent years, yes, but this will change for 2022, Evenstar's 20th anniversary year.

Your biography of Arwen is all wrong, what really happened was...
Arwen's biography was based on the book, which is the true story of her life. All alterations to her character as made in the movies are chronicled in their respective sections, fret not!

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