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26 December - - - happy 20th Australian release anniversary to The Two Towers! I was such a ridiculously happy little elf on this day twenty years ago ♥ And I very much hope everyone had a happy holiday season, no matter what you celebrate (or are continuing to celebrate)! The dates for the gifts on the site anniversary page have been adjusted somewhat to take your webmistress' recent health complications into consideration; I do apologise for the missed dates, but I'll make it up to you all on Tolkien's birthday next year~ What an amazing year for Evenstar 2022 has been! I'm so glad it's still online and growing strong!

15 October - - - the second of twenty gifts has been added over at the anniversary page! What could it be...?

1 October - - - today, Evenstar has been online for two decades! I ruminate a little on it (plus some extras) here ♥ What a milestone...

27 September - - - the literal smallest update in the world, but -- after, what? 12 years? -- the classic sparkly cursor is back! :D

Also, who else is enjoying The Rings of Power? I'm loving it to pieces! The kneejerk reaction to Galadriel's expanded role reminds me very eerily of what happened to "Xenarwen" way back in the day...I might have something to say about this in the future. We'll see.

3 September - - - a very small amount of housekeeping has been done, and we are now affiliated with The Brave and Golden Death, Mal's wonderful shrines to Sam and Smaug, respectively!

...and yes, it has been far too long between updates; I have to apologise profusely. My health has been dreadful over the winter (yes, I ended up catching COVID!), but that's still no excuse.

9 March - - - ...well, February wasn't half as productive as I wished it had been, quite obviously ^^; I had so many other projects on the go paired with ill health, and I think I bit off far more than I could chew! I won't promise that March will be better, but I hope it will be. Anyway! Nine new images in the "Musical" sub-gallery, taken from the DVD that came with the London Cast soundtrack :D

7 February - - - Evenstar has won the Rivendell Award at Elrenniel's brand-new awards section! I'm absolutely honoured, and also whirling in nostalgic joy :D Hantanyel, Mal! *^^*

Updates are a little slow at the moment, because I have quite a few time-sensitive projects on the go, but rest assured, I'm aiming to make February at Evenstar just as productive as the previous month! I've done some scanning of various merch pieces, and I've finally got my hands on the 4K remaster of the movie trilogy, so expect a big gallery update soon!

1 February - - - a tiny bit of editing to the layout, and I've added a linkback button to Fleurs du Mal, an upcoming shrine listing & community! I've also added the code for The One Ring, a brand new (functional!) webring for Legendarium-related sites! If you one yourself, maybe you'd like to give a thought to joining...^~

29 January - - - 49 images added to Behind the Scenes, including shots of Liv's amazing riding double Jane Abbott, and "The Hunt for Gollum" gallery finally up, featuring the luminously lovely Rita Ramnani as our girl! Such a pity she only featured for a heartbeat...

22 January - - - the fanart gallery is back up, with a slew of new (and old!) art!

19 January - - - the "Musical" sub-gallery is now up and running, with many new and higher-quality images! Also "Scans" has been added to and extraneous/low quality images removed, plus additions to "Merch", "Behind the Scenes", and "Design".

14 January - - - a few minor typo corrections made, lots of images added across all the sub-galleries, and a new one uploaded -- "Stills"! These are all high resolution and beautiful, I hope you enjoy them!

13 January - - - one new image in the "Merchandise" gallery, and a handful of card scans added to "Other Cards"!

12 January - - - I'm overjoyed to announce we have a new affiliate -- Mal's beautiful Elrenniel! Can you believe another Arwen site now graces the web?! How lovely! *^^*

7 January - - - rejoice, for a major chunk of the gallery has been restored! :D Behind the Scenes, Decipher Cards, Other Cards, Scans, Assorted Screencaps, Design, Merchandise, and Promotional galleries are all online! The rest will follow very shortly, I hope.

5 January - - - affiliates page updated, linking buttons added, and some minor housework done to make navigation easier!

3 January - - - Ná alya i vinya loa, ar alassë merendenna i Carmo! Happy New Year, and a most joyous Tolkien's birthday!! It seems very appropriate that Evenstar rises in its new raiments today. I've been coding all night (the sun is due to come up any minute now), and here we are! A new name, a new domain, a new layout, and so much more on the way in the coming days, for Evenstar's 20th year online. A few things have been touched up here and there, mostly site-based 'housework', because the main priority was to get the site open for Professor Tolkien's birthday -- however, happily, we have a new affiliate for the first time in years, in Mal's adorable Good-Natured! ♥ More updates and edits are planned, but for now, I'm going to take a quick nap, and remember to take part in the Birthday Toast this evening!

Today, Evenstar begins a whole new journey; I will be honoured to have you along on this adventure with me. :)

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